Baseball Coordinator

The links to the right have information for the baseball coordinator. Use the schedules and rosters as templates for future teams.

March:  Make sure that registrations forms are prepared and sign-up dates are advertised.
     ** Using last year as a guide, figure which coaches will be available and at what level (some may “move up”).

March / April:  After sign-ups, determine dates for try-outs (major and if needed, minors)…..reserve a place for sign ups.   Try to establish all coaches.
     ** Think about what equipment may need to be replaced.
     ** Order baseballs (typically 1 dozen “RIF 5” per rookie team) (Majors & Minors each get 1 dozen practice and 1 dozen “game” baseballs)

***6-7 Year Olds will play Rookies (NO 7 year olds in Minors)
***8 year olds may play rookies OR minors (depending on skill and availability of roster spots)
        - 8 year olds can NOT play majors
***9 year olds will play minors (in a very rare situation, a 9 year old may play majors…..only if he does not take the place of an 11 year old)
***10 year olds will play minor or major depending on skill level and availability of roster spots
***11 year olds should be in the majors…however, there may be instances when skill level dictates an 11 year old remain in minors
***12 year olds must be in majors

Try to keep major and minor rosters at 12 players and rookie rosters between 8-10.
Try to make teams as fair and “balanced” as possible
Remind everyone that this is “recreational” league (for fun!)
All-Stars are for the more competitive players
Make sure all coaches have certification (NYSA or Cal Ripken)

Once teams are set, place uniform order.  Always order a couple extra “average” size shirts.  Include in each team order shirts/hats for coaches (3 per team).

As SAA Baseball Coordinator, you will most likely be asked to serve as one of two Sidney Reps on the Messalonskee Cal Ripken Board.

It is a good idea to get together a contact listing of all SAA Baseball Coaches e-mails and home/cell phones.
Keep them up-dated with what is going on
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